Modular Clean Room Systems

Project Description

After the Modular Lab has been approved by the client via FAT (factory acceptance test) it is disassembled to be shipped to the installation site. Each unit is prepared and wrapped individually with a thermal shrink foil to seal it off. All structural stability is ensured during transport with special struts that can be removed after reassembly

The Clean Room Modules can be placed within a building or completely outside. Even on a patch of field. Only minimal preparation is required to create a level and supporting foundation. Commonly a strip foundation is poured which is easy to construct and to level but also easily removable. Here a few concrete pedestals were poured and connected and levelled with steel beams.

After the modules have been wrapped and sealed to prevent dirt from entering the modules are ready for shipment. They are loaded on standard flatbed trucks and secured with special mooring points that are also used for lifting them. That way no structural elements are harmed during transport.

The trucks are timed to arrive in the right order on site for installation. Usually with this setup there is no special police escort needed. With the spedially designed modules all standard roadways within Europe can be used that allow the normal 4m corridor. That way it was possible to reach installation sites as far away as Novo Sibirsk, Russia. SIT also offers sea-freight solutions to reach building sites worldwide.

Once the modules are on site they are lifted from the trucks and placed onto the prepared substructure. Sometimes there are buildings to be cleared so the appropriate crane is organized to allow for enough lift.

One after another the modules are carefully placed to fit onto the strip foundation. They are connected to each other as they are set into place. Like in giant Tetris game the clean room building is growing right before our eyes!

As the last module flies in to complete the structure of the clean room lab, the placement of all modules for this installation was ready within 1 day! Immediately the electricity and other media supplies can be connected to have the unit ready for start-up as quickly as possible.

With all the wrapping gone, the air ducts installed and all media (Electricity, Water, Gasses etc.) connected the unit is ready for operation. The whole lab with the clean room is autonomous and self-regulating. All clean room parameters are tested and documented with the hand-over protocol to the client. The units can also be equipped with an online access for immediate online support by SIT to minimize down time if any issue arises.

The clean room lab was equipped with individual fume hoods, gas cabinet, vacuum pump closets, safety fume hoods with argon gas fire extinguishers and media distributions. A fully functional lab for medical research was installed to increase the institutes capacity. Because of the high end insulation and high quality structure these modular systems can be operated for 10 years or more. If only needed for a defined period, sit also offer lease agreements for such modular clean room systems.




  • Category: Cleanroom Air Conditioning, Laminar Flow Units, Transportable Cleanrooms, Turn Key System,
  • Date: 1. July 2020